$65 Laptop Screen Repair

Screen replacement while you wait.

Average wait time is 20 minutes.

Step ONE

Order your screen online. Make sure you know your make and model number. Look at the back of your laptop to find a label with the model number.

Please NOTE

You can buy your screen from anywhere. You can use the link above or the link below, or any other screen seller you find:

Step TWO

Arrange a date and time to come in.
Bring your laptop and screen.

We are NOT responsible for what screen you buy. This is YOUR responsibility. If you are not sure which screen to purchase, we can order a screen for you for a service charge of $20 in addition to the screen cost. Payments are made in cash, or via CashApp, or via PayPal or via your bank card


Below is a summary of the steps you need to take with us to get your laptop screen replaced and repaired.

Find out your laptop make and model

Check labels on the back and check names and details on the front of your laptop.

Order a new screen online

Order a replacement screen online either via your own sources or using the links we have provided above.

Make sure the right part arrives

When your screen arrives double check that it looks like the screen your are about to replace.

Arrange an appointment to come in

Call, text or email us to make an appointment to come in and replace your laptop screen.

Come on time

Please come in on time. If you are late we cannot guarantee that we can fix your laptop at that time. You may have to reschedule.

Enjoy your renewed laptop

Now that your laptop has been repaired, be sure to handle it with care. Remember, do not carry it by holding the screen and make sure not the crush the case.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about this service, let us know below.

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