How Does This All Work

PC-LOVE is a service offered by i-Zone-3 Technologies to replace laptop screens..

We do not repair power jacks, windows issues or any other laptop issues - ONLY screen replacements.

Laptop screens get damaged via a variety of reasons - usually due to picking up the laptop by holding the screen with a thumb, or dropping the laptop, or crushing the screen side of the laptop when closed.

When a screen is damaged, that laptop essentially becomes a desktop PC which has to be plugged into a monitor - essentially negating the main purpose of a laptop. And many people do a lot of important work on their laptops so a speedy repair can come in very helpful

The first thing you need to do is order a replacement laptop screen. We DO NOT supply screens. The links on our home page are to third party sites who sell laptop screens. We have no relation with them and earn o commissions from them. These links are simply provided for your convenience. You can use those links, or ebay, or any other site to order your screen.

After you receive your screen, please double check that it is the correct one. Then contact us to make an appointment to come in.

When you come in, please come on time and bring your laptop, power supply and screen.

Screen repair time varies from 15 minutes to 45 minutes with most taking around 20 minutes.

When you come in, you will fill in some paperwork and we will repair your laptop. The labor fee of $65 will be due when we return your laptop. You can wait in our lobby while we repair.