Who is StarForce ?

360 degree high-tech global security collaboration

i-Zone-3 Technologies, Inc.

StarForce is a function of i-Zone-3 Technologies. It is a database of collaborating security firms across the globe. Starforce can coordinate collaboration between various teams and agencies from its command center.

Coordinated activities between hundreds of global agencies - each with their own areas of expertise - renders a greater function base as well as greater scalability options..

High Tech Training

Select agencies are granted specialized training in situational awareness - involving vehicles, planes, helicopters, firearms and a variety of dynamic test and training scenarios. This is achieved via high tech virtual reality simulators and team designations.

Individuals or agencies that attend training courses are granted certification. Ask for StarForce competency certification when selecting a security firm.

i-Zone-3 Technologies also designs and manufactures is own security droids for lease and sale and manages a central command hub for any participating operations.

Competancy Training

Fast thinking and new situational handling. Marksmanship, vehicle and helicopter flight. This is a one on one session that completes in a day.

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Advanced Leadership

Team vs team exercises testing team communications, fast thinking, virtual weapons training, flight training and intense survival.

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