If you need protection as an individual or as a family while travelling or simply moving around town, what you need is an executive protection service. Executive protection agents are highly trained armed and agile teams that plan your route and your options for maximum protection and minimum risk. So wherever on the planet you need to travel safely - locally or abroad, we will try and get you the right crew at the right price.

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Whatever the event, and if the event involves a mixture of executive protection as well as crowd management or simply general security staff at an event. Select your budget and number of security as well as number of hours - and we will try and get you the best value for money team ready to serve and protect.

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A facility may need cameras, door sensors, guards, a patrol vehicle OR maybe only a drone service. Whether you need RFID doors, image recognition, guards, perimiter sensors or remote cameras - let us know the details and your budget and we will try and get you the best solutions team to properly handle all of your concerns.

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The services listed above are all LEVEL 1 services. Advanced LEVEL 2 services utilize state of the art drones, sentries, sensors and command center support. Advanced fully automated drones may be available for lease for global deployment for facility protection or border patrol.

armed gateway sentry

Safely protect entry points with remote controlled weaponised sentries. Sentries can view and communicate with subjects. Operator can be anywhere on earth and hence this method is completely safe for the regulating authority.

automated drone system

Drones can automatically be dispatched to any location for police support, or can automatically fly round industrial facility perimeters to scan for breaches or suspicious activity OR used for border security.

Vehicle Modifications

If you need a command and communications center inside your vehicle, or a body modifications for bullet proofing, emergency proofing, intrusion proofing and more - let us know your requirements and budget so we can match you up with the right solution.

Cyber Security

If you need to secure your network, databases, phone data, video feeds, emails, internet access, entry security, biometrics data, vehicle entry and usage.. and more - let us know what you need to do and we will try to fit the best team for your budget.