What is Event Protection ?

Essential event security details for planners


In today’s event environment there is an ever increasing demand for security infrastructure systems to be defined, managed and implemented. An appropriate security infrastructure solution depends on the level of risk accepted by you as the event owner and your key stakeholders.


Venue risks are many. You will need a clear understanding of all venue entry and exit points. How porous is the venue? How are people getting in and out of your venue? How will you vet and credential staff, volunteers, attendees, VIPs, entertainers…? How will you guide attendees through the venue and control their credentials? Are there enough exit points in case of an emergency? Are you thinking about leaving enough space to manage emergencies? Can the venue be accessed by climbing fences, through loading docks and other porous points, and if so, how will you manage these risks? Is the venue easily accessible by first responders in case of an emergency? Does the venue have onsite security staff, and what are they responsible for? How can your security team work with the venue’s team? Who will be the liaison between venue security, law enforcement and the event?

Key Factors

  • reviewing the venues emergency procedures
  • determining if venue and event personnel have emergency procedures training
  • determining how easily the general public can gain access
  • ensuring that there are enough security cameras and that they are actively monitored
  • identifying entrances, gates and doors that it is important to secure
  • identifying potential hazards and hazardous areas should be cordoned
  • locating fire exits
  • ensuring ease of access for ambulances, police and fire trucks in case of an emergency
  • locations for first aid and emergency services personnel