Home Owners Association

Cost Effective High Caliber HOA Patrol and Monitoring

Safe Neighborhood Program

As crime rates steadily increase and police budgets diminish - homes become easier targets for break-ins, and cars become easy targets for theft.

Your housing community can enjoy safety and security via use of our patrol cars, video monitoring and two way communications with our guards..

High Tech Command Center

Our global command center is located in Georgia and can monitor and control operations via video monitoring, remote control and logistic management of vehicles and personnel as well as drones

Individuals or agencies that attend training courses are granted certification. Ask for StarForce competency certification when selecting a security firm.

i-Zone-3 Technologies also designs and manufactures is own security droids for lease and sale and manages a central command hub for any participating operations.

Costs $

Costs depend on length of contract. Contract lengths can be from a week to a year.

Costs also depend on intensity. A one year contract with 3 patrols per night and three patrols per day can cost as little as $2000 per month.

Call 770 997 9131 or
Call/Text/WhatsApp 678 559 4405 for service

Patrol Cars

Marked patrol cars with night vision camera drones, strobe lights, long distance scanning lights cameras, voice projection, GPS tracking, direct call numbers, warning alarms and more...

Command Center

Our command center can monitor all patrol cars as well as solar powered camera systems. We can handle in bound calls and motion triggers and talk to residents directly as well as coordinate with police.